Because portraits are a treasure, you'll want to put some thought into your wardrobe choices for your session day!  Having your portrait taken is not an everyday event, so why not leave the everyday clothing behind and really bring out your style?  Visit my Pinterest style boards for ideas for your upcoming session.  Bold titles are clickable links to styles that photograph oh so well!

Need help or an opinion? I'm here to guide you. 

Vintage Styled Portraiture | Kim Cunningham Photography | Newnan Photographer

Don't date your images by all wearing jeans/khakis and the same color shirt. Each person is an individual and we want to showcase that personality.  It is important to show personal style, but be aware of quickly passing trends when making your selections.  Think classic and timeless. 

Do accessorize carefully. Choose one or two pieces that will complete your look.  I love a statement necklace, bow ties, suspenders, belts, hats, hair accessories, scarves, jackets, glasses, and of course, shoes!  I love bare feet, too.  Do keep hair accessories in proportion.  In the south we like our big hair bows, however, you don't want that bow to be the first thing you notice in portraits. Keep bows simple to eliminate distraction and let's keep that face the center of attention.  Don't forget to remove ponytail holders from your wrists.

Children's Portraiture | Kim Cunningham Photography | Newnan Photographer

Do wear layers to add texture, depth, and interest to your portraits. 

Do wear patterns.  Make sure your patterns do not clash with others in your portraits, but don't be afraid to mix stripes and dots. Dots and plaid.  In groups, it is best to limit patterns to one or two stand out people.  If you have an outfit that you really love, use it as the anchor piece of your session and built the rest of the wardrobe around it. 

Don't wear clothing with logos, wording, or characters as this is visually distracting.  This rule can be broken in the right situation such as a grungy/rockstar/urban session, but when in doubt just say no! If you are unsure about a certain clothing item, please send me a text image and I can help offer an opinion.

Do purchase clothing to fit.  It may be tempting to purchase outfits with a bit of room to grow, however, ill- fitting clothing will look ill-fitting in your photographs. Think tailored, and shapely.  Baggy, too big clothing will look sloppy and swallow the subject. 

Do be aware of your child's comfort in your clothing selections.  While we want them to look put together, we do not want your child to be in any discomfort that impedes our session.  Additionally, adults should wear clothing that makes them feel confident and comfortable. If you don't feel pretty in it, don't wear it!

Do wear clothing that can flow and move.  Twirly skirts are wonderful for adding movement to children's portraiture.  Moms, don't be shy about rocking a little twirl! Your clothing can often be a usable prop for adding interest to your portraits.

Don't forget about your feet! We spend so much time selecting outfits, but often forget about our footwear until it is too late.  Make sure your footwear goes well with your outfits.  It is best to avoid plastic/foam flip-flops, Crocs, scuffed or dirty sneakers, light up shoes, and shoes with cartoon characters.  I love boots, Converse, dressy flip flops, heels, moccasins, rain boots, Toms, Vans, Sperry, Mary Jane's, and of course, bare feet!

Do make sure you've considered every grooming detail:  Haircuts, Manicures, Waxing, etc...  Plan haircuts and coloring one or two weeks in advance.  Please no chipped nail polish, unless we are going grungy!  Ladies, please make sure your foundation is the correct shade.  Take care to make sure your foundation is even and blends naturally into your neck and collarbone area to avoid that "masked" look.

Do make sure all children have a clean face and their clothing is free of food.  A change of clothing or back up outfit is usually a great idea for small ones. I keep wet wipes on hand for quick clean ups!

Need a vendor recommendation?  These are some of my personal favorites.  You'll find a variety of price ranges below from very cheap to luxury brands.  Style doesn't have to be expensive! 

Vindie Baby

H and M kids


Matilda Jane

Tea Collection

Dollcake Oh So Girly


Fleur + Dot

Janie and Jack

johnnie B

Forever 21


Etsy ( wonderful for vintage clothing and accessories)



Charming Charlie

Lizard Thicket






J Crew

Mayfair on the Square

Brother & Sissy Children's Shop

Blue Moon Boutique



You can also find some great items in vintage shops, garage sales, and consignment sales/shops!