J family| Newnan Family Photographer

This sweet extended family was such a joy to photograph on this beautiful autumn day. With these many people and little ones, to boot, the session could not have gone better. Total pros, this lot.

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Thanks gang for an awesome time!

To book your family session this fall reach out in the contact section of this website! The leaves are starting to turn!

M Family|Bangkok, Thailand

This past October I traveled back to Thailand for a Mission's Trip to Bangkok, my old home. Upon arrival, I had an inquiry for a family session waiting for me as I waited for my baggage in the airport. The fun part of social media is that it allows you to "meet" and make friends with people from all over the world. I met Kathleen by way of her sister Courtney, a photographer friend that I only "knew" via professional development on the web.  Kathleen and her family are living in Bangkok, Thailand serving our country's interests abroad. They are in the process of adopting and needed a few family photos for their applications. I was able to squeeze in a quick session with them before boarding the plane to return to the States. I so enjoyed this brief time with them capturing the energy of this family full of boys!

A few from our time together...


Thank you, M Family for allowing me to help capture your memories as you grow your family!


Lake Redwine Family Photographer |The D Family

This past spring I had the joy of photographing the D Family.  Not only are they fun, but they really love each other, and that makes for a wonderful session capturing their relationships.

Lake Redwine-Family Photographer|Newnan Family and Child Photographer

This image was a favorite of all and is now displayed in a gorgeous 20x30 canvas in their home! I just adore the way it captures their connections.

Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer

These are just a few of my favorites from my time with this adorable family. 

Reach out in the contact form in the navigation tab to schedule your family session! I'd love to have your family in front of my lens!

Newnan Family Photographer |Coming to you in 2016!

I can't believe 2015 is almost over! As we are taking time to enjoy our time with family during the holidays I want to share with you what is coming to Kim Cunningham Photography in the new year.

Each year that I have been in business I have taken some time to think about you and how I can best serve you, my dear clients.  At the end of each session with you, I want you to walk away feeling that you have been well cared for during the entire process. After some time dreaming and thinking, I have discovered that a change is needed. 

mother daughter photography peachtree city

In 2016, I am retiring online digital galleries. While they seem easy and convenient, they are actually a sort of a stopover in limbo land because you still don't have anything tangible to show for our session, yet. Sure, you can show your images on Facebook, but your images should be displayed in your home to be enjoyed.  I purpose to walk with you every step of the way towards getting your art on your walls.  Because getting your art on the walls is the goal of each and every session with me. This has become my core belief as a photographer

Through the years, I have discovered that there is a better way than just providing digital files to my clients.  I have heard from my past clients how "they haven't had the time to print their images yet" and that they "hoped to get to that soon".  It broke my heart a little knowing that these mamas worked so hard to dress their families, show up for a session, and now their images are still sitting on USBs or hardrives not being enjoyed. These precious mamas are just one short hardrive crash away from losing all those potential photographs. And I mean "potential" photographs because to me, unless they are printed, your images are incomplete. You have stored digital information, not portraits. Prints matter

And, I have a little confession to make. Even I struggle to get my prints off my hardrive and on to my walls. I need someone to take care of my personal printing for me! 

With constantly changing technologies, our digital images are a breath away from being obsolete. I love this article on digital decay. It makes me nervous to think that this is the legacy of convenience.

In 2016, I am committed to helping you dear Mamas get not only gorgeous portraits of your families, but also delivering finished products to you! You will not have to worry about finding the time to print your sessions. You will not have to worry about where to print and if the third party consumer labs will deliver high quality prints to you. You images will not languish on USBs or hardrives waiting to be finished. I will take care of that for you. Your custom artwork will be delivered ready to hang and enjoy!

To make this possible for you, I have studied the craft of print and canvas preparation over the last two years. There is an art and science to a well crafted piece of artwork that just can't be paralleled with handing over a generally prepared digital file. I am always committed to continued education to bring you the very best. 

family photography senoia, georgia

Our session process begins with an in-person consultation before our session to go over all the details.  I would love to get to know you before trying to capture you. After our session, we will meet to view the presentation of your gallery. This will be the time where you will see your images for the very first time! Then, I will be there to advise you as you make decisions. I will consult with you to help you decide what to print and even where your products would look best on your walls. We will mock up a design and show you exactly what your arrangements will look like hanging in your home. Sweet, huh? 

And finally, I will hand deliver your prints and finished artwork to your home ready to hang. I'm taking all the guesswork out for you because we Mamas have enough going on to keep us busy. 

For every print you buy, I will still provide you with a complimentary web-ready and watermarked copy of your image because I understand how important online sharing is today. And for you die-hard digital file lovers, I will still offer those for sale, but I am going to encourage you to think long-sighted towards the future to the time when your kids are not fighting over who gets the plastic USB drive, but who gets the large canvases and prints that hung lovingly in your home for years. Family memories are the best legacies we can leave behind. Don't you agree?

I would love to serve you in 2016! I am currently booking for Winter and Spring. Let's get you on the calendar and start capturing your legacy!

Newnan, Georgia and Fayetteville, Georgia Family Photographer | Photography Gift Certificates

Looking for a perfect gift for that special someone? Wow them with a gift certificate for a portrait session in their stocking! This year I am offering gift certificates for that perfectly special gift! Don't just buy something that will get tossed in a drawer this year.  Give the gift of memories! Portraits are the perfect gift that will bring joy year after year as they beautifully hang on the walls of our homes reminding us of what is truly important.  As a mama, I can't think of anything better than seeing my kids captured professionally and their sweet faces adorning my walls. 

gift certificates for photography newnan, georgia

$150 provides your recipient a one hour portrait session with me that they can use anytime in 2016! You can also add on print credits in any value that can be applied to collections, prints and products after the session! 

The gift of memories and heirlooms will be the gift that everyone will love this season.  Your gift certificate will come with a gorgeous Kraft presentation envelope to make this gift truly special to receive. 

Contact me today and purchase a gift certificate for your loved ones! Shopping for the perfect gift has never been easier! Contact me via the contact form in the navigation bar above or email me at kimcunninghamphotography_at_gmail.com.

*Minimum purchase of $150 covers a portrait session and does not include prints, products, or digital files.  You may add on credits for collections, prints, products, and digital files in any denomination. Gift certificates will be available all year for all occassions!

Gift Card Denominations

Chattahoochee Bend State Park Family Photography | The S Family

My Sister In Law and Brother In Law came for a visit last month.  It was the perfect opportunity to grab an hour to update their family photos! They brought their camper along and stayed at Chattahoochee Bend State Park, so naturally we held our session there.

These are a few of my favorites from our time.

couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan
couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan, georgia
newnan photographer
couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan, georgia

Thanks guys for getting in front of my lens and letting me capture your relationship! I had so much fun preserving your memories. 

If you would like to preserve your own memories, drop me a line and let's get to planning!

Fayetteville Georgia Family Photography at Lake Horton | Clay and Maria

This.Precious.Couple. What a joy to have the honor of photographing them in celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary! When I think of words to describe them I think of: humility, generosity, thankful, encouraging, serving, giving, loving, and FUN! And there are so many more words to describe them that would keep me here all day. To know them is to love them. 

This couple is truly the gem and hidden treasure of our church. They have given themselves tirelessly to the children's ministry which just pours love into our kids. I know I speak for all parents at our church when I say thank you is just not enough.  They don't do it for thanks, and that's why they are perfectly placed right where they are.  

Lake Horton-Fayetteville couples session
Lake Horton Photography session
couples photography fayetteville
couples photography fayetteville
Fayetteville Portrait session for couples
couples photography fayetteville
Lake Horton Photography Session

Happy Anniversary to you, Clay and Maria!

If you are looking to capture your special milestones, reach out for a space on my calendar this year!