Newnan Photographer|Gracyn|Personal Work

My daughter's recent winter formal was a great excuse to get her in front of the camera. We only had a few minutes because the weather was blustery and cold, so I had to shoot fast. It's always so rewarding to make the time to photograph my kids even in the briefest of circumstances. 

I love how these turned out with their unintended Shakespearian vibe. 


Of course I ordered prints of these immediately! I can't wait to display them. 

Jackson|Class of 2017

One of my favorite aspects of photographing individuals is the opportunity to capture layers of personality. Working with seniors allows me to do just that. I purpose to capture not only portraits for posterity but also to allow people to relax and be natural in front of the lens showing their souls more than just their smiles. 

This session was super fun because not only was I able to work with a senior, but a senior guy, a photographic first for me. 

Jackson was amazing in front of the camera! It is so hard to choose which images to share because I really loved them all.


Thank you, Jackson, for a great session! 




Caroline| Old Miss Freshman | Peachtree City Photographer

Over the summer Caroline and her mom contacted me about getting some updated portraits for Caroline's upcoming start at Old Miss and sorority rush season. I love working with individuals, so I was so excited about getting some time with Caroline.

Many freshman are beginning their college journeys this month, so this feels like a great time to highlight this gorgeous Old Miss Freshman!

Newnan-Peachtree City Photographer|Old Miss Freshman|College Portraits
Newnan-Peachtree City-Photographer-Old Miss Freshman-Starr's Mill High School
Newnan-Peachtree City-Photographer-Starrs Mill High School-Old Miss Freshman
Newnan-Peachtree City-Photographer-Starr's Mill High School-Old Miss Freshman
Newnan-Peachtree City-Photographer-Starr's Mill High School-Old Miss Freshman
Newnan-Peachtree City-Photographer-Starr's Mill High School-Old Miss Freshman

I hope you have an awesome year, Caroline! Can't wait to hear how it's going!

Seniors, it's a great time to book your senior portraits as we head into the fall season! Reach out soon and reserve your space on my calendar. Collegiates, let's update your photos, too! 

Drop a line at!

Lake Redwine Family Photographer |The D Family

This past spring I had the joy of photographing the D Family.  Not only are they fun, but they really love each other, and that makes for a wonderful session capturing their relationships.

Lake Redwine-Family Photographer|Newnan Family and Child Photographer

This image was a favorite of all and is now displayed in a gorgeous 20x30 canvas in their home! I just adore the way it captures their connections.

Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer
Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Family Photographer

These are just a few of my favorites from my time with this adorable family. 

Reach out in the contact form in the navigation tab to schedule your family session! I'd love to have your family in front of my lens!

D Family Sneak Peek| Newnan-Lake Redwine Family Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this adorably funny family.  Truly, they had the best personalities ever and made photographing them a joy! I'll be sharing more of their session in the coming weeks, but I just have to leave a sneak peek on the blog today.

Lake Redwine Family Photographer|Newnan Area Family Photographer| Kim Cunningham Photography

Peachtree City Senior Photographer-Starr's Mill Senior 2016-Kylee

Sneak Peek for the gorgeous Kylee. More of her Senior Session will be coming soon!

I just love both of these and can't decide which I love more!

Peachtree City Senior Photographer-Starr's Mill High School
Peachtree City-Senior Photographer-Starr's Mill High School

Can't wait to share more from this collection soon!

Drop me a line if you are ready to get in front of my lens! Reach out under the contact form!

Beauty Counter Vibrant Eye Perfector | A Mama's Solution!

Mamas, I have been searching for the perfect eye cream over the years. I seem to wear my motherhood around my eyes.  The fine lines and circles give me away.  While I am not looking to be anything other than myself, I do want to look refreshed. And in my photographer's role, I hear the same from the mamas that are my clients. You don't want to look different, but you do want to look fresh and be the best version of yourself!

A few months ago, a mama friend of mine asked me if I had ever tried Beauty Counter's products. I hadn't, but was intrigued to learn more because I really trust this friend. My friend mentioned that Beauty Counter's products were completely clean and safe to use. That's pretty important to me. I do not want to use products that are laden with scary chemicals that potentially disrupt my hormones and cause health issues. Nor do I want that for my teen daughter!

Last month, I saw an ad in my daughter's school play playbill for Beauty Counter! I took that as the prompt I needed to check out the range of products. I mean, two mentions of this company just weeks apart meant that I should go check it out.  I found Meredith Chandler, That Beauty Counter Girl! She is so adorable.

Beauty Counter Countertime Vibrant Eye Perfector-Kim Cunningham Photography-Newnan Family Photographer

I spoke with Meredith and told her a little about the kind of product that I was looking for, and we decided on the Vibrant Eye Perfector.  This eye cream really hydrates the delicate under eye area while minimizing the appearance of lines.  The marine extracts target the dark circles that are so tell-tale of motherhood. The flower extracts promote firmer-looking skin. Those are all things that I want in an eye cream and I want it to be safe!

Beauty Counter Vibrant Eye Perfector-Kim Cunningham Photography-Newnan Family Photographer

The first thing I noticed after starting my morning and evening regiment was how supple the skin became under my eyes. Keeping that area well hydrated keeps me looking refreshed! I love that this rich cream keeps me moisturized without looking greasy. The fragrance is light and clean. My skin does appear firmer and my circles are minimized. I call this a win!

Beauty Counter Vibrant Eye Perfector-Kim Cunningham Photography-Newnan Family Photographer

I'm loving this little thing that I do to take care of myself in just a few seconds a day, because let's face it, as mamas, that's all we have! The fact that all Beauty Counter's products are clean and safe, makes me feel even better. I will definitely try more of Beauty Counter's range of products.

Meredith has a website and YouTube Channel with awesome makeup tutorials and tips.  You should pop over check out what she is sharing. You can get started with this pretty and fresh look for spring.

I told you she is adorable! Meredith has new videos coming weekly, so be sure to subscribe to her channel! Be sure to also visit her website to see the awesome range of Beauty Counter products for the whole family and ask Meredith how she can help you find the right products for you! Tell her Kim sent you!

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Newnan Family Photographer | Warm Up With Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Because you're here, I know that you're a busy mom, and that you are into providing fresh homemade meals for your family, and that you kind of can't handle not having a few go to meal ideas at your finger tips.  I am just like you. 

I am a busy mom of three, who just so happens to homeschool, and runs a business at the same time.  I know that you are just as busy, maybe not with the exact same things, but probably live in your car playing taxi all week long. I also know that, like me, you want to put healthy and nutritious meals on your table even in the midst of busy.

One of my go to winter meals is homemade chicken noodle soup. My kids seriously love bowl after bowl of this tummy warming soup and I feel like a total rockstar when I serve it. 

And it is supposed to be bone chilling cold this weekend in Atlanta, so this comforting soup will chase the chill away.

homemade chicken noodle soup recipe

Now, I love to keep bone broth in the freezer to make this meal not only easy, but to also keep the benefits of a good quality stock. It is so easy to prepare bone broth on a day when you can just let it simmer for several hours. But, I do use good quality store bought broth when my freezer is empty. 

To make bone broth, I simply throw leftover chicken carcasses from our roast chicken nights (that I freeze until I have a couple) in a big stock pot with a small bag of washed carrots, several ribs of celery, two peeled onions, cut in half, and a couple garlic cloves. Cover everything with water and set on the stove. I let that simmer for 4-5 hours, and then strain everything out. Once it cools, I freeze it in big containers. 

But again, you could use some good quality prepared organic chicken broth from the grocery store to speed up the process if you don't have homemade. 

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup: 
1 TBS extra virgin olive oil
1 carrot cut into thin crescent slices
2-3 celery ribs diced
64 oz. homemade chicken stock or store bought broth
2 cups cooked chicken chopped, I often use a rotisserie chicken from my local grocery
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 bag of egg noodles cooked separately and according to package directions. I love the Klushki noodles from Fresh Market in Peachtree City! They are so delicious and you can find those in the pasta section on the top shelf. 

Heat the olive oil in a dutch oven or stock pan. Add the carrots and celery and sauté for about 8 minutes to sweat out the flavors.

Add the chicken stock and seasonings. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 20 minutes.

Add the cooked chicken and let simmer until heated through.

Finally, add the cooked noodles and stir.

Ladle to soup into bowls and serve with your favorite buttered bread. The Rosemary Rolls from Fresh Market top the list of favorites in our house. 

Hope you all like this soup as much as we do.  It makes a great meal to give to our under the weather friends, too. 

Be sure to share this recipe and Pin for keeps! Let me know if you make it and love it. 

Newnan, Georgia Family and Child Photographer | Spring Portrait Booking

It's time to start thinking about spring portraits sessions. I know, I can hardly believe that we are just a few days away from February and that Easter is March 27th this year! Spring is sneaking up on us quickly! With all this warm weather, we are bound to have an early blooming season. 

I am now booking spring sessions so that we can get your littles in front of the camera as soon as the sap starts rising. I'll begin taking spring portraits March 18th-April 30th. After that, you know Georgia flips to summer, so don't miss the soft greens, daffodils, and cherry blossoms that last just a few minutes, it seems. 

Spring portraits for children in Newnan, Fayetteville, Sharpsburg, and Tyrone.

For more information on sessions with me, my home page offers a Client Guide that you can download. It covers everything you need to know, at a glance!  Additionally,  I would love to set up a time to consult with you on a spring session. You'll receive a welcome packet with additional information, and I'll walk you through my process and all of your questions! All sessions are booked with a $150 retainer fee which covers my time from consult to the night you see your images for the very first time. Prints, products, and files are sold separately. 

Let's chat! 

Chattahoochee Hills Family Photographer | How to capture your kids on an outing

It's not often that I get to photograph my family on an outing.  I usually opt to bring along my trusty iPhone to Instagram bits and bobs of our day. However, the day we went to Serenbe, in Chattahoochee Hills, was a gorgeous winter's day so I decided to bring the big guns! But, any camera is great to have when you are out and about. The best camera is the one you have on you!

 Serenbe is so unique.  It's a combination of farm, residential living, and haven for creatives. You can even grab lunch while you are there!  Now FYI, Serenbe does not allow professional photography sessions without a permit, but personal photographs of your visit are welcome! I came as a mom this day and just documented our fun as a family.  I'm so glad I did! We had a blast!

Family outings are definitely something we moms want to capture for posterity.  Today, I'm going to share a few of my tips for documenting your family moments because I know you want memorable images of these happy golden years with your kids!

1. Catch the action! Nothing tells how it feels to be somewhere than action in your photographs.

Boys on tampoline at Serenbe.

2. Photograph the details that make a location special. The animals at Serenbe are part of the charm, so I wanted to include them.

Hen House at Serenbe. Newnan Photographer.
Feeding the sheep at Serenbe.
Llamas at Serenbe

3. Capture what it feels like to be there.  Ok, this is a big one! So many times, as parents documenting our fun, we ask our kids to stop the fun and smile for the camera. And we give that dreaded request, "say cheese!"  The smiles are cute, but there is no sense of the experience in those photographs. Don't ask your kids to pose all the time, just capture them as they are. This makes for a more memorable photograph of your day. 

Goats at Serenbe. 
Goats at Serenbe
Farm fun with kids at Serenbe in Chattahoochee Hills.
Izzy the goat at Serenbe

4. Utilize the landscapes and structures around you. Many people, when they see something neat-o, just take a picture of that neat-o thing.  But, I think you should put your family into the neat-o thing for a more memorable image. Years from now, you may not remember why you thought something was neat-o, but you will love that you have the image of your family!

Rock maze at Serenbe.
Playhouse in the woods at Serenbe.
Painted School Bus at Serenbe

5. Now, grab a few smiles! Smiles and poses are fine and dandy as a part of your day and help tell the story. They just aren't the whole story! So, use these request to smile and make eye contact for when it counts. 

Wooded playhouse at Serenbe
Animal Farm at Serenbe
Funky School Bus at Serenbe

Bonus tip: Forget perfection! Be present in your day and just look for the opportunity to apply some of these tips when you do bring out the camera. Don't worry about smudges on faces, messy hair, and mud on the pants. This is real and real is okay!

So, that's 5 tips and a bonus for capturing memorable photos of your family on an outing! I have more tips to share in my free download on how to take better photos of your kids! 

Head over to the link and get your download


Peachtree City Family Photographer | The C Family

I had the pleasure of photographing the C Family for their Christmas card photos back in early November and is my custom, I hold off on sharing Christmas card sessions until cards go out to prevent spoilers. Since there is just one week to go until Christmas, I think we are safe!

I had so much fun photographing this cutie patootie family with their perfect outfit coordination! They did a wonderful job bringing together a cohesive look!  

couples photography peachtree city
family photography peachtree city
high school photography peachtree city
couples photography peachtree city
family photography peachtree city

Thanks C Family for a fun light-filled mini-session!  Their friends can catch their favorites on their Christmas cards! 

Let's capture your crew in 2016! I'm now booking for winter and spring sessions.  January is a great time to bundle up the kids in their fresh winter wear for an outdoor session capturing the nostalgia of childhood outdoors. Let's capture those toboggans, mittens, and boots! 

Head over to the pricing page to download your copy of my 2016 Client Guide!

Peachtree City Area Family Photographer | The B Family

What a joy and privileged it was to work with this precious family.  It's been wonderful watching this family come together over time. This dear sweet Mama and her girls have brought so much joy to our community. It was a honor to serve them capturing their history in the making.

adoptive family photography peachtree city
adoptive family photography peachtree city
teen photography peachtree city
adoptive family photography peachtree city
mother and daughter photography peachtree city
mother and daughter photography peachtree city
teen photography peachtree city
family photography peachtree city
mother and daughter photography peachtree city
mother and daughter photography peachtree city
tween photography peachtree city
lifestyle photography peachtree city
lifestyle photography peachtree city

Thanks Girls for letting me stop by to capture your "right now". I loved every minute. 

Want to have me capture your "right now"? Let's work on that! Head up to the contact tab and reach out!

Newnan, Georgia and Fayetteville, Georgia Family Photographer | Photography Gift Certificates

Looking for a perfect gift for that special someone? Wow them with a gift certificate for a portrait session in their stocking! This year I am offering gift certificates for that perfectly special gift! Don't just buy something that will get tossed in a drawer this year.  Give the gift of memories! Portraits are the perfect gift that will bring joy year after year as they beautifully hang on the walls of our homes reminding us of what is truly important.  As a mama, I can't think of anything better than seeing my kids captured professionally and their sweet faces adorning my walls. 

gift certificates for photography newnan, georgia

$150 provides your recipient a one hour portrait session with me that they can use anytime in 2016! You can also add on print credits in any value that can be applied to collections, prints and products after the session! 

The gift of memories and heirlooms will be the gift that everyone will love this season.  Your gift certificate will come with a gorgeous Kraft presentation envelope to make this gift truly special to receive. 

Contact me today and purchase a gift certificate for your loved ones! Shopping for the perfect gift has never been easier! Contact me via the contact form in the navigation bar above or email me at

*Minimum purchase of $150 covers a portrait session and does not include prints, products, or digital files.  You may add on credits for collections, prints, products, and digital files in any denomination. Gift certificates will be available all year for all occassions!

Gift Card Denominations

Chattahoochee Bend State Park Family Photography | The S Family

My Sister In Law and Brother In Law came for a visit last month.  It was the perfect opportunity to grab an hour to update their family photos! They brought their camper along and stayed at Chattahoochee Bend State Park, so naturally we held our session there.

These are a few of my favorites from our time.

couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan
couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan, georgia
newnan photographer
couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan, georgia
couples photography newnan, georgia

Thanks guys for getting in front of my lens and letting me capture your relationship! I had so much fun preserving your memories. 

If you would like to preserve your own memories, drop me a line and let's get to planning!

Newnan Family Photographer | Transitioning to High School

It's been a little quiet around here lately because we are in a seasons of transitions. The main transition for us has been getting this girl into her high school routine. Yep, my firstborn is a high school Freshman!

When did this happen? Seriously!

When did this happen? Seriously!

I decided to take a little time to focus on the big family moments that are happening in our lives, because Mamas, that's what being a Mama is all about. Time moves so quickly in these child-raising years. If we blink, we miss it.  I mean, I blinked and my firstborn grew 4 inches in 6 months! I'm not even kidding.  She is changing and I tell myself to grab my camera and capture her fast before she changes once again. 

I'll never regret taking a couple months to ensure that her high school road was well paved with a present mother helping her navigate the gap from being exclusively home-schooled to schooling outside of our home.  It's been an amazing start!

Additionally, this time off has given me time to think about my business and what I most want to accomplish with it.  I keep coming back time and time again to creating heirlooms for you! You know why? Your babies are growing at warp speed just like mine. You blink and they are grown. While we can't ever slow the process down, we can freeze the moments through photography.  This image, though a casual home grown one, will be precious to me when she is a mama with littles of her own. That's what I most want to give you...precious frozen time.

But, I don't want to just give you digital files that sit on your hard drives waiting for the free time to print them that rarely comes. I'm a photographer and I don't always get around to printing my images!  You and I both know that we are investing our free moments caring for our families. Isn't that what we do, as Mamas? Over the last two years I have studied the art of preparing and printing wall art, just for you. Portraits are your legacy, not just some garbled information on your computer that will be useless as soon as technology changes, or heaven forbid you accidentally delete it! Anyone remember floppy disks or VHS?  Prints are forever! There is something so very different about holding a gorgeous custom print in your hand that viewing on a device cannot deliver.  

In 2016, I'm shaking things up a bit by personalizing your experience even more.  I will be sharing this with you as 2016 approaches. My 2016 Client Guide will be ready to send out in November for the upcoming year.  Take a moment to add your name to my newsletter list to be one of the first to hear about the changes coming your way.  

I tell you, I'm really excited about what's to come.  Think personal and professional service with products you will treasure hanging on your walls.  Of course, those digi-files will still be around for those needs, but in 2016 we are going to print and we are going large!

Fayetteville Georgia Family Photographer | The J Family

I love having clients that come back over the years for portraits.  What a joy it is to watch families change and grow with time! The privileged of having the J family in front of my lens once again was all mine because I just love chronicling what will be history.  This time there was a new addition who is just so stinking cute! It's hard not to love each of these beautiful kids and their personalities! Their parents are pretty great, too.

family photography fayetteville georgia
tween photography fayetteville
children's photography fayetteville
children's photography fayetteville
children's photography fayetteville
family photography fayetteville

Thanks guys for letting me capture your beautiful family and memories once again! I just love your joyful gallery!

Want to get in front of my lens in 2015? I'm taking a very limited amount of sessions for the rest of 2015, so reach out and let's make it happen!  Simply submit an inquiry via the contact tab on the blog and let's start planning!

Fayetteville Georgia Family Photography at Lake Horton | Clay and Maria

This.Precious.Couple. What a joy to have the honor of photographing them in celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary! When I think of words to describe them I think of: humility, generosity, thankful, encouraging, serving, giving, loving, and FUN! And there are so many more words to describe them that would keep me here all day. To know them is to love them. 

This couple is truly the gem and hidden treasure of our church. They have given themselves tirelessly to the children's ministry which just pours love into our kids. I know I speak for all parents at our church when I say thank you is just not enough.  They don't do it for thanks, and that's why they are perfectly placed right where they are.  

Lake Horton-Fayetteville couples session
Lake Horton Photography session
couples photography fayetteville
couples photography fayetteville
Fayetteville Portrait session for couples
couples photography fayetteville
Lake Horton Photography Session

Happy Anniversary to you, Clay and Maria!

If you are looking to capture your special milestones, reach out for a space on my calendar this year!

Newnan Teen Photographer |Film

This year found me exploring the world of film photography.  Of course, film is not new to me because I was born in the 1970's after all.  However, shooting film with photography knowledge is a whole other ballgame.  A new challenge is always invigorating, so I dove in! These are a few shares of a recent session with my daughter this spring.  I'm thinking of adding film sessions to my line up in 2016!

There is just something about the whole old school process that I love! Let's see if 2016 has you in front of an old school camera and a couple rolls of film!

Newnan Children's Photographer|Newsies Inspired Session|Personal Work|

I've mentioned before how important personal work is to me.  I love being able to freely play with a vision rolling around in my mind.  My son, Aidan, was my muse for this Newsies inspired session that I have wanted to shoot.  Aidan and Elijah are neighborhood pals, so I brought Elijah along with us.  Now Elijah's mom, Sasha Holloway, is a fantastic photographer in her own right.  These boys are both photographer's kids and very use to the camera, which made this session so very fun. 

Interested in a session for your kids? Reach out and learn more about sessions with me, via the contact tab in the header! 

Newnan Child Photographer | Personal Work

One thing I love about being a photographer is working with my own children.  Not only do I want to preserve my own memories, but I love just shooting personal work from time to time. Personal work helps me grow as a photographer and helps me find my specific vision.  And perhaps it also allows me to just play and enjoy the process of being behind the camera.  

Yes, my kids do groan when I ask them for photographs, but I know they also enjoy being one on one with me.  

This is my middle child.  He let me style him with a 1950's inspired look and I just love this image. This will be on my wall.

I'd love to get your little ones behind the lens! Drop me a line.