Newnan Family Photographer | Transitioning to High School

It's been a little quiet around here lately because we are in a seasons of transitions. The main transition for us has been getting this girl into her high school routine. Yep, my firstborn is a high school Freshman!

When did this happen? Seriously!

When did this happen? Seriously!

I decided to take a little time to focus on the big family moments that are happening in our lives, because Mamas, that's what being a Mama is all about. Time moves so quickly in these child-raising years. If we blink, we miss it.  I mean, I blinked and my firstborn grew 4 inches in 6 months! I'm not even kidding.  She is changing and I tell myself to grab my camera and capture her fast before she changes once again. 

I'll never regret taking a couple months to ensure that her high school road was well paved with a present mother helping her navigate the gap from being exclusively home-schooled to schooling outside of our home.  It's been an amazing start!

Additionally, this time off has given me time to think about my business and what I most want to accomplish with it.  I keep coming back time and time again to creating heirlooms for you! You know why? Your babies are growing at warp speed just like mine. You blink and they are grown. While we can't ever slow the process down, we can freeze the moments through photography.  This image, though a casual home grown one, will be precious to me when she is a mama with littles of her own. That's what I most want to give you...precious frozen time.

But, I don't want to just give you digital files that sit on your hard drives waiting for the free time to print them that rarely comes. I'm a photographer and I don't always get around to printing my images!  You and I both know that we are investing our free moments caring for our families. Isn't that what we do, as Mamas? Over the last two years I have studied the art of preparing and printing wall art, just for you. Portraits are your legacy, not just some garbled information on your computer that will be useless as soon as technology changes, or heaven forbid you accidentally delete it! Anyone remember floppy disks or VHS?  Prints are forever! There is something so very different about holding a gorgeous custom print in your hand that viewing on a device cannot deliver.  

In 2016, I'm shaking things up a bit by personalizing your experience even more.  I will be sharing this with you as 2016 approaches. My 2016 Client Guide will be ready to send out in November for the upcoming year.  Take a moment to add your name to my newsletter list to be one of the first to hear about the changes coming your way.  

I tell you, I'm really excited about what's to come.  Think personal and professional service with products you will treasure hanging on your walls.  Of course, those digi-files will still be around for those needs, but in 2016 we are going to print and we are going large!

Fayetteville Georgia Family Photographer | The J Family

I love having clients that come back over the years for portraits.  What a joy it is to watch families change and grow with time! The privileged of having the J family in front of my lens once again was all mine because I just love chronicling what will be history.  This time there was a new addition who is just so stinking cute! It's hard not to love each of these beautiful kids and their personalities! Their parents are pretty great, too.

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children's photography fayetteville
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Thanks guys for letting me capture your beautiful family and memories once again! I just love your joyful gallery!

Want to get in front of my lens in 2015? I'm taking a very limited amount of sessions for the rest of 2015, so reach out and let's make it happen!  Simply submit an inquiry via the contact tab on the blog and let's start planning!

Newnan Teen Photographer |Film

This year found me exploring the world of film photography.  Of course, film is not new to me because I was born in the 1970's after all.  However, shooting film with photography knowledge is a whole other ballgame.  A new challenge is always invigorating, so I dove in! These are a few shares of a recent session with my daughter this spring.  I'm thinking of adding film sessions to my line up in 2016!

There is just something about the whole old school process that I love! Let's see if 2016 has you in front of an old school camera and a couple rolls of film!

Newnan Children's Photographer|Newsies Inspired Session|Personal Work|

I've mentioned before how important personal work is to me.  I love being able to freely play with a vision rolling around in my mind.  My son, Aidan, was my muse for this Newsies inspired session that I have wanted to shoot.  Aidan and Elijah are neighborhood pals, so I brought Elijah along with us.  Now Elijah's mom, Sasha Holloway, is a fantastic photographer in her own right.  These boys are both photographer's kids and very use to the camera, which made this session so very fun. 

Interested in a session for your kids? Reach out and learn more about sessions with me, via the contact tab in the header! 

Newnan Child Photographer | Personal Work

One thing I love about being a photographer is working with my own children.  Not only do I want to preserve my own memories, but I love just shooting personal work from time to time. Personal work helps me grow as a photographer and helps me find my specific vision.  And perhaps it also allows me to just play and enjoy the process of being behind the camera.  

Yes, my kids do groan when I ask them for photographs, but I know they also enjoy being one on one with me.  

This is my middle child.  He let me style him with a 1950's inspired look and I just love this image. This will be on my wall.

I'd love to get your little ones behind the lens! Drop me a line. 

Newnan Child Photographer |Styled Portraiture

Over Christmas I saw her in a new light as she took the stage to perform for our church Christmas Music Festival.  There was something about her face that caught my eye and a vision was born. Sometimes I just have to photograph someone because their face paints an image that I can't shake.  Photographers love to create and shoot for themselves every so often to exercise personal creativity. It has to come from within the photographer and be her vision.   Her face sparked all of that for me. I approached her mother about the idea and she was fully on board. Mom got involved by sewing this sweet outfit that we used for the session.

 I was inspired by In To The Woods, Little Red Riding Hood, The Sound of Music, and many other stories. Let me just tell you, this beautiful child is a wonderful model. She blew me away. She has the most soulful eyes I have ever photographed.  We incorporated her violin as this beauty is a budding violinist. She played a little serenade for me in the woods.

I just adore this session and it filled my creative tank in so many ways. I have so many ideas floating around my head and when the perfect face appears, we make it happen! Styled Sessions are a unique way to capture the soulfulness in your child. I will be adding Styled Sessions this year that are customized to the unique personality and interests of your child. I will work with you to develop your unique concept shoot.  To inquire about a Style Session please use the contact form in the navigation bar. I'm looking forward to bringing fairy tales to life!

Newnan Family Photographer | The R Family

What a joy it is to photograph the same family over a span of years! The Robinson Family have been some yearly favorites of mine.  I love their willingness to be real and fun in front of the lens. It helps that Mama is a photographer, herself.  Brea is the owner of Brea Robinson Photography on the Northeast side of Atlanta. We've developed a friendship and camaraderie over photography these last several years.  An even greater bonus is that she is a dear friend of one of the families in Thailand that we once worked alongside who are also dear to us. It was a joy to photograph you, Dear Robinsons!

Thank you Robinsons! Also, a huge thanks to Bob and Beth for the use of their gorgeous property with such a generous heart! It's been an amazing 2014! 

Tyrone Child Photographer | Laura Ann

I love stylized children's photography!  I love playful scenes that evoke childlike wonder and beauty.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of having Laura Ann model for me.  She is such a beautiful child, and I simple adored her session.

Children's Photography | Kim Cunningham Photography | Tyrone and Newnan Photographer
Children's Photography | Kim Cunningham Photography | Tyrone and Newnan Photographer
Children's Photography | Kim Cunningham Photography | Tyrone and Newnan Photographer
Children's Photography | Kim Cunningham Photography | Tyrone and Newnan Photographer
Children's Photography | Kim Cunningham Photography | Tyrone and Newnan Photographer
Children's Photography | Kim Cunningham Photography | Tyrone and Newnan Photographer
Children's Photography | Kim Cunningham Photography | Tyrone and Newnan Photographer
Children's Photography | Stylized Photography | Kim Cunningham Photography | Tyrone and Newnan Photographer