M Family|Bangkok, Thailand

This past October I traveled back to Thailand for a Mission's Trip to Bangkok, my old home. Upon arrival, I had an inquiry for a family session waiting for me as I waited for my baggage in the airport. The fun part of social media is that it allows you to "meet" and make friends with people from all over the world. I met Kathleen by way of her sister Courtney, a photographer friend that I only "knew" via professional development on the web.  Kathleen and her family are living in Bangkok, Thailand serving our country's interests abroad. They are in the process of adopting and needed a few family photos for their applications. I was able to squeeze in a quick session with them before boarding the plane to return to the States. I so enjoyed this brief time with them capturing the energy of this family full of boys!

A few from our time together...


Thank you, M Family for allowing me to help capture your memories as you grow your family!


Newnan Teen Photographer |Film

This year found me exploring the world of film photography.  Of course, film is not new to me because I was born in the 1970's after all.  However, shooting film with photography knowledge is a whole other ballgame.  A new challenge is always invigorating, so I dove in! These are a few shares of a recent session with my daughter this spring.  I'm thinking of adding film sessions to my line up in 2016!

There is just something about the whole old school process that I love! Let's see if 2016 has you in front of an old school camera and a couple rolls of film!

Newnan Children's Photographer|Newsies Inspired Session|Personal Work|

I've mentioned before how important personal work is to me.  I love being able to freely play with a vision rolling around in my mind.  My son, Aidan, was my muse for this Newsies inspired session that I have wanted to shoot.  Aidan and Elijah are neighborhood pals, so I brought Elijah along with us.  Now Elijah's mom, Sasha Holloway, is a fantastic photographer in her own right.  These boys are both photographer's kids and very use to the camera, which made this session so very fun. 

Interested in a session for your kids? Reach out and learn more about sessions with me, via the contact tab in the header! 

Newnan Child Photographer | Personal Work

One thing I love about being a photographer is working with my own children.  Not only do I want to preserve my own memories, but I love just shooting personal work from time to time. Personal work helps me grow as a photographer and helps me find my specific vision.  And perhaps it also allows me to just play and enjoy the process of being behind the camera.  

Yes, my kids do groan when I ask them for photographs, but I know they also enjoy being one on one with me.  

This is my middle child.  He let me style him with a 1950's inspired look and I just love this image. This will be on my wall.

I'd love to get your little ones behind the lens! Drop me a line. 

Newnan Child and Family Photographer | Session Inquiries and Bookings

Spring is officially here and the photography busy season is beginning.  Spring through fall are chief times for outdoor sessions as the weather brings out nature's splendor.  Now is a great time to get on the calendar for 2015!

Inquiring about a session is an easy no obligation process! If you are interested in learning what Kim Cunningham Photography offers, simply fill out a request via the contact form at the top of the navigation bar.  I will send you my newly designed digital Client Guide to walk you through the process.

This guide covers booking, session styles, pricing, prints, canvases and more! I will personally follow up with you via email after receiving this guide to see if you would like to set up a no obligation phone consultation to answer any additional questions you may have.

Inquire today for your flip through my Client Guide. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Sharpsburg Children's Photographer | Tween Photography with Triplets

This fall I had the privilege of photographing triplets as part of an adoption fundraiser. I loved how each one had their very own personality that shone through. I love photographing children of all ages, but there is something so endearing about tweens as they are becoming new versions of themselves.  It's fun to banter with them to get those smiles they try to hold in.

Thank you F family for a wonderful session and for supporting adoption! 

Tween and Teen Photography | Newnan Photographer

My daughter is just a few months from transitioning from a tween to a teen.  We headed out yesterday to capture these fleeting days of 12.  Tweens are an often forgotten stage when it comes to portrait sessions, and yet so much is changing during this season of their lives.  The tween stage needn't be shelved until the awkward years pass.  Celebrate them with a portrait session!

Tween Portraiture | Kim Cunningham Photography | Newnan Photographer
Tween Portraiture | Kim Cunningham Photography | Newnan Photographer   
Tween Portraiture | Kim Cunningham Photography | Newnan Photographer
Tween Portraiture | Kim Cunningham Photography | Newnan Photographer
Tween Portraiture | Kim Cunningham Photography | Newnan Photographer
Tween Portraiture | Kim Cunningham Photography | Newnan Photographer