Newnan Child Photographer |Styled Portraiture

Over Christmas I saw her in a new light as she took the stage to perform for our church Christmas Music Festival.  There was something about her face that caught my eye and a vision was born. Sometimes I just have to photograph someone because their face paints an image that I can't shake.  Photographers love to create and shoot for themselves every so often to exercise personal creativity. It has to come from within the photographer and be her vision.   Her face sparked all of that for me. I approached her mother about the idea and she was fully on board. Mom got involved by sewing this sweet outfit that we used for the session.

 I was inspired by In To The Woods, Little Red Riding Hood, The Sound of Music, and many other stories. Let me just tell you, this beautiful child is a wonderful model. She blew me away. She has the most soulful eyes I have ever photographed.  We incorporated her violin as this beauty is a budding violinist. She played a little serenade for me in the woods.

I just adore this session and it filled my creative tank in so many ways. I have so many ideas floating around my head and when the perfect face appears, we make it happen! Styled Sessions are a unique way to capture the soulfulness in your child. I will be adding Styled Sessions this year that are customized to the unique personality and interests of your child. I will work with you to develop your unique concept shoot.  To inquire about a Style Session please use the contact form in the navigation bar. I'm looking forward to bringing fairy tales to life!